Justin Ford
Justin Ford is the President and the Owner of, Steel of America Trading Corporation. Justin founded Steel of America in February 2000. He began his career in the steel business in 1976 at the age of 17. He worked for a small, privately owned Hot Rolled Steel Distributor in Baltimore, Maryland. Being a small business, he was required to perform every task within the office and out in the warehouse. This experience was invaluable for the development of what has turned into a 40 year career. Thanks to the help of an immeasurable number of customer and vendor relationships forged over the years, he continues to enjoy the business to this day.
Cindy Ford
Cindy Ford is simply “The Company”. Her primary responsibility is Comptroller of Steel of America. She also serves as the manager of our Traffic department and is the Office Supervisor. Her organizational skills have been an integral part of every expansion Steel of America has experienced. Her Company and Team first attitude is the basis for all of our companies motto’s.

Tim Guinoo
Tim Guinoo, (pronounced Gee-no ) is one of the founding fathers of Steel of America. He began work with us in January of 2003 and has become irreplaceable. Tim is our Sales Manager in charge of The Pennsylvania and Midwest sales regions. He also heads up our IT department. His innovative and unique inventory management systems have enable us to expand into many areas of sales not otherwise utilized by the traditional sales models of the past. Contact him to see what he can do for you.

David Ford
David Ford began his career in the steel business when he joined our company in June of 2011. David is our Southeast and Northeast Sales Manager. David established himself in sales and quickly rose to management with a unique customer oriented attitude and dedication to supplying the customer a level of service not previously experienced. Count on him to find and get the item and price you need.